All Set To Go!

Thanks for posting all of your ideas about Climate Change on Mantinicus Rock. I’ll ask the scientists about their opinions when I get to the island. What I know from working with scientists in the past is that Climate Change effects creatures all over the world. It upsets the balance of ecosystems. Some creatures are lucky and have characteristics that make it easy for them to adapt to change. Other species will die out. Some scientists believe the climate change could cause many species all over the world to go extinct.


When I was last in the Gulf of Maine, I was working on a research ship studying the fish in the sea. Those scientists told me that about one third of the fish we study

The View of the Lump

were moving their range north as the sea warms from our changing climate. Some of those fish are part of what puffins eat. Will they be able to move north too?


Next stop, Maine! Keep checking the blog this weekend. I’ll be in Maine on Saturday afternoon. How many states do you think I will have to pass through to get there?  Here is a photo of my bags.  Why do you think I am using a rubber duffle bag?  Here is a hint.  This kind of bag is called a “dry bag.”


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2 Responses to All Set To Go!

  1. VA says:

    It is1.86 miles long, and1.24 miles wide.
    It is also 105.19 miles away from New Hampshire.
    I think the puffins might be so far away so nobody hurts them and they are scared of people. What else do they eat instead of fish?

  2. JG says:

    I think you will have to travel through about 3 states. You are bringing a duffle bag because your belongings won’t get wet.

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