Hello From Maine

Today I made it to the Project Puffin base in Bremen, Maine.  I’ll spend the night here and tomorrow I the boat for the island leaves early in the morning.  I had to pass through the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.  After I arrived, we spent part of the afternoon packing food into huge rubber dry-bags.  The staff had just returned from a shopping trip and all the food now must be transported to the islands in

small boats, so the dry-bags are a must.  Tomorrow I go by ferry to and island near Mantinicus.  I meet a smaller private boat there that will take me the rest of the way out to the island.  I had dinner with some of the staff in a bird sanctuary on an island just across the bay from where I am staying.  Here is the view.

I asked the some of the scientists about puffins and climate change.  “Puffin” Pete Salmansohn told me that Puffins tend to nest high above the water, so they are a little more protected from rising seas than birds that nest very the water line, like piping plovers or least terns.  But strong storms together with high tides could effect puffin borrows.   The greatest threat to the puffin is the changing fish population as the water warms.  The habitat they live in remains in the same spot, but their food is moving north.  Atlantic Saury are showing up in greater numbers in the Gulf of Maine, but other fish are moving away.  Now puffins are eating these newly arrived fish.  Will puffins adapt to the other changes in the food supply?  No one knows.  You can find out more about puffins and climate change by clicking here.

Some of you asked how many puffins there are in the world.  Puffin Pete told me that there are twelve to fifteen million puffins in the world today.  They are not endangered at alldisney inflatables wholesale.

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  1. AS says:

    Is it colder there than here? What does it smell like? Have you eaten any Maine food?

  2. j.p says:

    0.47miles long
    0.15miles wide
    Off of shore 13.33
    They live so far from land because of human’s haws
    To make sure none of the eggs or stilling

  3. DF says:

    What is so important about puffins if they are not endangered.

  4. mh says:

    Since puffins nest on the ground rising ocean levels will destroy their nests.

    The water becomes warm and the fish go to warmer waters and the puffins will have to find more fish.

    Do the puffins act friendly around humans and other birds?

  5. S.A says:

    2. The climate change is affecting the puffins by making their food move north so then now they have to adapt to new food like Atlantic Saury.
    1. The climate change is affecting the puffin’s home by the waves rising, and since the puffins live close to the water in burrows the can get flooded out!
    3. Mr. T when you put the bracelets on the puffins what if they fall off in the water and get lost?

  6. J.D. says:

    1. Climate change is effecting puffins by making the waters warmer. Some animals can’t survive in a change of temperature in the water. If puffins can’t survive in a change of water temperature there will be a smaller population witch might lead to them becoming extinct, because of humans causing climate change.
    2. Climate change is effecting food supply for puffins. It is because the fish that puffins eat are moving north because they live in cold water. Now puffins have to eat a different fish. They might not adapt to this change in their food supply and then they might die out.
    If climate change stops will the fish that moved north come back down south?

  7. LGAT says:

    1. The polar ice caps are melting causing sea level rise. Since the island is so small, the rising water will minimize the amount of land that the puffins live on.
    2. The water is warming up due to climate change. Some of the fish that the puffins eat are moving north. Also, new fish are moving in that didn’t live there before. The puffins will have to start eating the new fish instead of their usual meal.
    3. Are you going to move the puffin eggs to a bigger island because of sea level rise? If you do, will their lifestyle change on the new island? How?

  8. M S-H says:

    1. Climate change is affecting puffins because the ocean level is rising. The ocean level rise causes the birds to higher grounds to nest because their space to nest will be gone. This will also cause many other seabirds to move to higher ground.
    2. Climate change is affecting puffin’s food supply because the fish that live there are used to colder waters that they used to live in so they will move north to colder waters. Those fish could have been eaten by the puffins so the puffin’s food source will be gone. Now the A different species has came in so the puffins have started to eat that fish.
    3. What happens if the new species has to move north too because the temperature get too warm? Would the puffins have to move with the fish or would they stay there and find a different food source?

  9. MC says:

    1. The sea level is rising, destroying the puffins nests and there eggs.
    2. The puffins food moved north and a new fish came and they don’t know if the puffins will adapt to the new food.
    3. Have you seen any puffins die cause of climate change.

  10. E.T says:

    1.The climate change is melting the ice burgs from Greenland to create sea level rise that floods the habitat where the puffins live.

    2.The climate change is making the waters warmer and the fish that the puffins eat that live in colder waters head north where it is colder.

    3.Why can’t puffins move to another island why do they want them in Maine on Manticus Rock?

  11. kfl says:

    1. Climate Change affects the Puffin’s habitat by the water rising and flooding there homes.
    2. Climate Change is effecting there food supply, by the fish that they eat is swimming north because it’s warmer.
    3. How much does the sea level go up each year.

  12. D.H.D.D. says:

    One way climate change is effecting the puffins is because of sea level rise. The puffins won’t have a place to rest on land.

    The fish they eat has to move up north because of global warming.

    Where would you transport the puffin colony if Mantinicus rock floods because of sea level rise?

  13. EP says:

    Well climate change effects puffins life because the ocean is getting warmer so the fish that puffins eat have to move north. There will be less puffins because some will go hungry because there will be less fish. Also, global warming warms up the ice caps causing more water to get into the ocean. This will cause Matinicus Rock to be underwater shortly.

    It is effecting their food supply because when the ocean gets warmer more fish will have to move north. The puffins may have to move somewhere else in search of food. The puffins will have less fish to eat and their population will decrease.

    Where do you think the puffins might move if the ocean rises up onto Matinicus Rock?
    What do you think the puffins would do if the Atlantis Saury go away?

  14. N.G. says:

    1. Climate Change will affect puffin’s habitat because the sea level rise is going up more and more so the water will take up more space on the island which will give the puffins less space to live.

    2. Climate Change is also affecting puffin’s food supply because the fish they are eating now could go away because they maybe can’t live in warm weather. So they will move away and puffins will have nothing to eat.

    3. Where will puffins most likely go if Mantinicus Rock goes fully underwater because of Climate Change?

  15. Y.S. says:

    1. Climate change is effecting the puffin’s habitat. Since all the pollution in the air and water makes the more acidic. The acid makes the water warmer, melting arctic ice. The ice melts into the ocean, making the ocean rise. This extra water will start flowing on to Matincus Rock, and soon enough, Matincus Rock will be gone.

    2. Climate change is effecting the puffin’s food supply. Since the ocean is getting warmer, the puffin’s food starts moving north, to the colder waters. By this change, the puffins will soon have no more fish to eat.

    3. If climate change makes all the puffin’s food go north and the puffins in that area all die out because no food is there, what other animals will also be effected?

  16. TAG says:

    1. Climate change affects the puffins’ habitat because of sea level rise. The water washes over their small islands and wash eggs away.
    2. Climate change affects the puffins’ food supply because when the water warms up the fish all swim north to get to colder waters.
    3. Why cant puffins go north with the fish.

  17. CSM says:

    1. Climate change is affecting the puffins because the earth keeps getting warmer and the sea level rises. Eventually the water will come into the puffin burrows. Also the fish that they eat will effect the ecosystem.
    2. Climate change is effecting their food supply because their food is getting to warm to eat. Also they are eating other fish then they should eat.
    3. Do all puffins in the world live in Maine?

  18. N.C. says:

    1. It causes sea level rise which could fill up the puffins nesting areas with water. They can’t really go anywhere else because it is a very small island, and they can’t nest in trees because there are none.
    2. the fish puffins eat is moving north for cooler water to stay in and new fish are coming and the puffins are eating those instead.
    3. can puffins get to know people and feel comfortable around them.

  19. J.B. says:

    1. Since ice is melting in Greenland, The Arctic and Antarctica the sea level is rising, and Mantinicus Rock is getting smaller.
    2. Most of the fish that they eat are moving north, and new fish are adapting to there.
    3. Since the puffins have to adapt to new fish, do you think they will look the same

  20. D.F says:

    1.Ice from Greenland is melting, also in
    The Arctic and Antarctica are contributing to
    sea level too.
    2.How many bands do you put on puffins ankles in 1 day?

  21. M.S. says:

    1. Climate change is affecting puffin’s habitat from melting ice from the Arctic, Antarctica, and Greenland.
    2. Climate change is affecting the puffin’s food supply because some of the fish are moving away.
    3. How do you get a puffin to a different island? Don’ they just go back? What if there is not enough food there?

  22. O.P says:

    1. The climate change is causing the ocean to warm which causes the sea level to rise. This might flood or submerge the island, so the puffins will have to move away.
    2. The climate change is effecting the puffins food supply by warming the ocean which causes the food supply to go north to cooler conditions.
    3. How will the scientists know if the can adapt to eat another fish.

  23. ats says:

    1. It is causing the sea level to rise submerging the island.

    2. Climate change is warming the water causing the fish to swim away leaving the puffins without food.

    3. How are puffins transferred to a different island? Won’t they go back to the island where they were born to lay their own eggs?

  24. CC says:

    1. I think that so many birds nest together on the same island because there is a lot of food near the island. One advantage is that the odd of the predator eating a baby is different. One disadvantage is that there might be no more room.
    2. Why is the bird Razor Bill get its name?

  25. O.P says:

    Are the puffins eggs different, like texture, shape, size or color?

  26. O.P says:

    Do any of the other birds on the island feed on puffin eggs?

  27. RS says:

    What is a puffin personality?

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